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Hands-on Labs are available to in-person TrustWeek attendees only on May 24 – 25 and include tracks covering privacy and data governance, GRC and security assurance, ethics and ESG topics.

They are the fastest and easiest way to learn how to leverage the full technical capabilities of OneTrust’s products and will enable you to enhance your implementation, streamline and automate complex workflows, and demonstrate increased efficiencies to leadership.

Please note pre-registration is not required. We ask that attendees bring a laptop and optionally a secondary computer or tablet. All lab manuals are online so your second device can be used to read the manuals on while doing the labs on your primary device. This will make the workflow much easier.


Authoring a Policy in Policy Manager

Learn the fundamentals of how to develop and publish a policy in policy manager in this lab.

Beginner Level

Autocomplete Any Security Questionnaire

Learn how to leverage your previously completed security questionnaires to automatically answer any future customer security questionnaire.

Advanced level

Build an IT Asset Hierarchy

Learn how to create an IT asset hierarchy by establishing parent-child relationships between assets and aggregate risk across the tech stack.

Advanced level

Configure Dynamic Assessments and Automation Rules

Learn how to populate questions into the new Question Library and apply question labels to launch dynamically tailored assessments to your third parties.

Advanced level

Configure Risk Assessments

Learn how to configure weighted questions for an objective, and create a repeatable risk assessment process in this lab.

Advanced level

Create a Disclosure Form and Request Attestation via Campaigns

Learn how to manage the lifecycle for disclosures and declaration of conflicts of interest.

Beginner level

Custom Approval Workflow for Assessments

Learn how to build custom approval workflows with designated approvers for each stage and dynamic routing rules to automate the assessment approval workflow process.

Advanced level

Data Transfers: How to Capture Data Flows & Building Contextual Relationships

Learn how to capture data flows and store important context about the transfer such as the business purpose/process involved, safeguards for transfer and the data elements involved.

Advanced level

Enterprise Carbon Accounting

Learn how easy it is to measure and understand your carbon footprint. In this lab, we will walk through the steps to calculate your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, set reduction targets, and showcase your commitment with stakeholders through standards-based disclosures.

Beginner level

ESG Reporting 101

Learn how to determine which ESG metrics to track from industry standards and frameworks such as SASB, GRI, CDP, TCFD, etc. Walk through the steps for automating data capture to centralize your ESG information and build an operational ESG program. See how to benchmark your progress and generate reports for annual disclosures based on the standard.

Beginner level

Ethics Awareness Training Course with Campaigns

Learn how to administrate a course to employees via campaigns while also gaining firsthand experience taking an ethics awareness training course.

Beginner level

From Web Forms to First-Party Data Assets

Learn how to upgrade your first party data collection by creating web forms and customizing the look, feel, and logic to eliminate friction as they fit into your digital experiences.

Beginner level

Global Template for Processing Activities

Learn how to build a global or “master” processing activity record and enable automatic attribute inheritance to scale data mapping efforts to entities and business units across geographies.

Advanced level

Implementing Website Scanning and Data Tracking Governance

Learn how to operationalize web accountability and compliance with the OneTrust web scanner. Create, configure, and schedule scans holistically identifying the vendors and processing purposes behind data tracking on your properties.

Beginner level

Policy Exception Management

Learn how to track and manage the lifecycle of a policy exception so they don’t create roadblocks in the management process.

Advanced level

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